Following paragraph 2 of the GCLA constitution, “applicants for membership are expected to support the goals of the association. Applications for membership to the DGKL/GCLA are addressed to the President of the association and approved by the Governing Board.”

Membership is currently free of charge, but this may change if future GCLA assemblies vote for changes to the constitution accordingly.

You can also apply online using the following form. If you are already a member, you can use this form to update your personal information. Your data will be sent to the GCLA board, which will distribute it to GCLA members only. Please make sure that you enter your correct e-mail address. In addition, you can indicate if you wish to subscribe to the DGKL / GCLA mailing list. You can also subscribe to and unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time here.

A note on privacy: Your data will be shared with the current board members of the DGKL/GCLA. If you cancel your membership (which you can do at any time by mailing the general secretary or by completing the form below, typing “cancel membership” in the “Message to the board” field), all personal data you submitted will be deleted.

A note on affiliation: If you are currently not affiliated with any university, please type “Independent researcher” in the “Affiliation” field. Please explain your motivation to become a member in the “Message to the board” field.

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