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CfP: DGKL-Jahrbuch 2019

Submissions are now open for the seventh issue of the Yearbook of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association [1], edited by Constanze Juchem-Grundmann.

The participants of the DGKL 2018 in Koblenz and previous DGKL conferences as well as all members of the DGKL are invited to submit papers based on their talks at the Koblenz conference or any other current research project.

There are no topical restrictions: we welcome papers from all areas of Cognitive Linguistics as well as related fields such as psycholinguistics, gesture research, usage-based approaches, Cognitive Poetics, and, of course, the focus of this year’s conference, Applied Cognitive Linguistics. We especially welcome papers using empirical methods.

Anyone interested in contributing a paper should submit a title and abstract by DECEMBER 15th, 2018 to <yearbook2018@dgkl-gcla.de> to help us plan the volume. This can be identical to a title and abstract submitted for the conference, but does not have to be. The full paper must be submitted by MARCH 1st, 2019. Papers should be between 3000 and

6000 words in length including references and appendices, and must conform to the LSA’s “Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics” (especially with respect to the formatting of references) [2].

Papers will be peer-reviewed. You will be notified about the rejection or acceptance of your paper, as well as any changes the reviewers may suggest, by APRIL 15th, 2019, the revised versions will then be due on MAY 15th, 2019.

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Constanze Juchem-Grundmann (for the Volume Editors) Anatol Stefanowitsch (for the Series Editors)

[1] http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/gcla

[2] http://www.linguisticsociety.org/files/style-sheet_0.pdf


Publication Timeline

– December 15th, 2018: Title and abstract due.

– March 15th, 2019: Full paper due.

– April 15th, 2019: Notification of acceptance/rejection.

– May 15th, 2019: Revised paper due.

– August 2019: 1st proofs.

– December 2019: Publication.

Programm der DGKL8 online

Das vorläufige Tagungsprogramm der 8. Internationalen Konferenz der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kognitive Linguistik ist nun online. Sie können es hier herunterladen. Die DGKL-8 wird vom 26. bis 28. September 2018 an der Universität Koblenz stattfinden.

Call for Participation: Workshop “Annotating constructions”

Am 26. Juni findet an der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf ein Workshop mit Michael Ellsworth zum Thema “Annotating Constructions” statt. Die Anmeldung ist bis 20. Mai möglich. Hier der Call for Participation:

Workshop: Annotating grammatical constructions: issues, options, tutorials

When? June 26, 2017, 10 a.m ? 5 p.am

Where? Haus der Universität (“Wichelmann-Raum”), Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Invited guest: Michael Ellsworth (International Computer Science Institute, FrameNet, Berkeley)

Topics & aims:

Constructions are said to be pairings of form and meaning that can be both schematic (e.g. the ditransitive construction) or abstract (e.g. the predicate-subject construction). How can we determine the meaning(s) of constructions based on semantic annotations? The grammaticographic workshop brings together linguists who are facing the challenge of annotating grammatical constructions beyond frequency-related issues in quantitative corpus linguistics.

Methodologically, the workshop is based on preliminary work within the so-called FrameNet constructicon (e.g., Fillmore et al. 2012, for an overview: Ziem 2014). Important issues include, but are not limited to,

-Defining construction-related terminology

-Identifying construction elements, construction evoking elements, and triggers of constructions

-The “lumping-and-splitting” problem in grammaticography

-Modeling form and meaning of constructions and networks of constructions

-Determining the “depth” of the annotation

-Coping with discontinuous constructions.

Michael Ellsworth (ICSI, Berkeley) will join us as expert on the field of annotating both semantic frames and grammatical constructions. Although the major focus lies on practical issues, including hands-on sessions, there will be the opportunity of discussing issues arising from analyses of specific constructions addressed by the participants.

If you are interested in participating in the one-day workshop, please send an email not later than May 20th to ziem@phil.hhu.de.

Training materials as well as coffee, drinks, and snacks will be provided.

The participation fee is 60 Euro.

Mentioned literature:
Fillmore, Charles J., Russell Lee-Goldman und Russell Rhomieux (2012): The FrameNet-Constructicon. ? In: Boas, Hans, C. und Ivan Sag (eds.): Sign-based Construction Grammar. Stanford: CSLI Publications, pp. 309-372.

Ziem, Alexander (2014): Von der Kasusgrammatik zum FrameNet: Frames, Konstruktionen und die Idee eines Konstruktikons. In: Ziem, Alexander und Alexander Lasch (eds.): Grammatik als Inventar von Konstruktionen? Sprachwissen im Fokus in der Konstruktionsgrammatik. Berlin/New York: de Gruyter, pp. 351-388.

Organizing Team:
Prof. Dr. Alexander Ziem
Johanna Flick
Anastasia Neumann

René Dirven (1932-2016)

Renè Dirven, Professor emeritus in englischer Sprachwissenschaft an der Universität Duisburg-Essen, ist im Alter von 83 Jahren verstorben.

Mit ihm verliert die Wissenschaft eine der einflussreichsten Persönlichkeiten im Bereich der Kognitiven Linguistik in Europa. Seine Rolle bei der Popularisierung kognitiv-linguistischer Ansätze kann kaum überschätzt werden.

Ein englischsprachiger Nachruf findet sich auf Linguist List.


Einsendeschluss verlängert: DGKL 7

Der Einsendeschluss für Beitragsvorschläge für die 7. Internationale Konferenz der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kognitive Linguistik: Cognitive Approaches to Interanction and Language Attitudes (5.-7. Oktober 2016, Universität Duisburg-Essen) wurde verlängert.

Der neue Einsendeschluss für Vorträge und Poster ist der 31. März 2016.

Der Beitragsaufruf kann hier gefunden werden.

Call for Papers: AELCO 2016

Die 10th International Conference of the Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association: Discourse, Culture and Contexts findet vom 26.-28. Oktober 2016 an der Universität Alcalá statt.

Die Plenarsprecher sind:

  • Enrique Bernárdez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
  • Mercedes Belinchón, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)
  • Barbara Dancygier, University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • Dirk Geeraerts, University of Leuven (Belgium)

Deadline ist der 30. März 2016.

Der Call for Papers ist hier zu finden.

ICLA Newsletter

Der aktuelle Newsletter der International Cognitive Linguistics Association kann hier gefunden werden. Er enthält Informationen über die letzte Konferenz der ICLC, die Online-Mitgliedschafts-Registrierung, die verschiedenen Mitgliedschaftstypen sowie Registrierungs-Deadlines, das Abonnieren des Newsletters, Informationen für KollegInnen in China, den ICLA social fund sowie über die Secretary/Treasurer-Position.