Neuerscheinung: 5. Jahrbuch der DGKL

Das 5. Jahrbuch der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kognitive Linguistik ist jetzt erschienen. Die Beiträge sind teilweise aus der 7. Internationalen Konferenz der DGKL hervorgegangen, die 2016 an der Universität Duisburg-Essen, Campus Essen, stattfand. Die Online-Version ist hier zu finden.

Der Band enthält die folgenden Beiträge:

Stefan Hartmann: Introduction
Jens Philipp Lanwer: Metapragmatic appositions in German talk-in-interaction
Sven Leuckert: How interactional needs shape information structure: An analysis of the discourse functions of topicalization in three L2 varieties of English
Simon Meier and Martin Thiering: The encoding of motion events in football and cycling live text commentary: A corpus linguistic analysis
Liane Stroebel: Can Macromania be explained linguistically? Beneath the morphological boundary: A sketch of subconscious manipulation strategies in Emmanuel Macron’s political discourses
Steven Schoonjans: Nonmanual downtoning in German co-speech gesture and in German Sign Language
Rebekka Studler: Cognitive cultural models at work: The case of German-speaking Switzerland
Petra Storjohann: Cognitive descriptions in a corpus-based dictionary of German paronyms
Juliana Goschler: A contrastive view on the cognitive motivation of linguistic patterns: Concord in English and German
Susanne Flach: Idiomatic singleton or prototype? A productivity analysis of be-adj-and-v
Volodymyr Dekalo and Beate Hampe: Networks of meanings: Complementing collostructional analysis by cluster and network analyses
Jens Fleischhauer, Thomas Gamerschlag and Wiebke Petersen: A frame-analysis of the interplay of grammar and cognition in emission verbs
Julija Korostenskienė: Bridging the gap: Toward a cognitive semantic analysis of the Lithuanian superlexical prefix be-