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General Assembly 2014

The GCLA held its general assembly for the years 2013/2014 yesterday; the minutes of the meeting will be published for our members (in German) shortly. Here are the most important results:

  1. Doris Schönefeld of the University of Leipzig is the new President of the GCLA.
  2. The next conference will be organized by Wolfgang Imo at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Essen campus), in 2016.
  3. Board members Constanze Juchem-Grundmann, Juliana Goschler and Anatol Stefanowitsch left the board since they were not eligible for re-election after having served two consecutive terms.
  4. Beate Hampe and Peter Uhrig were newly elected to the board, the other board members were confirmed in office for another term
  5. Anatol Stefanowitsch rejoined the board as advisory member ex officio in his function as editor in chief of the association’s yearbook.
  6. The yearbook and the regulations concerning its editorship and the advisory board were added to the GCLA’s statutes. The board is inviting suggestions for potential members of the advisory board.

Panel discussion on the optionality of arguments

On the afternoon of September 29th, there will be a pre-conference panel on Optionality in Argument Structure Constructions with Adele Goldberg, Thomas Herbst and Anatol Stefanowitsch in the Kollegienhaus of the FAU Erlangen, Universitätsstraße 14, Room 0.024.

Participants of the conference and anyone else who is interested are cordially invited.

Yearbook of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association

The GCLA is pleased to announce that it will publish a yearbook in cooperation with De Gruyter Mouton beginning in 2013. The yearbook will be a highly visible forum for current cognitive linguistic research by members of the association and participants in our international conferences.

Anatol Stefanowitsch and, in her role as president of the GCLA, Susanne Niemeier will serve as series editors, the individual issues will be edited by guest editors. The first issue has just been published.